Organization & Structure

The Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM) is our highest decision-making authority in our administrative structure. The AGM elects members to the Board of Directors and the Church Council. The Bishop and the Vice-Bishop are also elected to take up pastoral and church governing responsibilities. The Bishop is the leader of our Church, as well as the chairperson of the Church Council. He or she has to recommend 10 members from the Church Council to become the heads of the administrative departments in order to lead the church’s development. The Bishop is also the chairperson of the Ministerium who is mainly responsible for matters related to the ordination of pastors and theological and doctrinal issues. The Church Council convenes a meeting once a month to conduct general church ministry. We also have a General Office which is led by executive secretary and staff members to assist the Bishop in daily operations, and execute resolutions passed in the meetings of the Church Council.

Department of Personnel

responsible for matters concerning pastors and evangelists of the Church such as their hiring and dismissal , redeployment, leave arrangements, further studies, retirement, pensions, as well as other matters like manpower reserve, selection of candidates, and trainings etc.

Department of Finance and Stewardship

Responsible for financial matters of the Church, proper use of resources, salaries and subsidies for co-workers, provident fund management, and education on stewardship etc.

Department of Pastoral Care and Evangelism

Responsible for pastoral and evangelical development, understanding situations of different congregations and helping to establish a mode of pastoral care, planning trainings for co-workers and volunteers, and implementing and supervising church planting projects etc.

Department of Christian Nurture

Responsible for nurturing believers and development of gospel music, and helping local congregations to implement personal devotions and trainings etc.

Department of School Education

Responsible for school management and development which in line with the spirit of school education in Christianity.

Department of Family Concern

Responsible for the provision of family education and development of adult ministry, as well as reaching out to persons who are single, single-parent families and the elderly.

Department of Social Welfare

Responsible for implementing, planning and developing social service programmes and evaluating the effectiveness of the programmes which in line with the serving spirit in Christianity.

Department of Overseas Mission

Responsible for implementing overseas missionary projects, as well as enhancing the awareness of the need of missionary work and collaboration among congregations etc.

Department of Mass Media

Responsible for church-related mass media projects, publications and supervising the Taosheng Publishing House etc.

Department of Youth

Responsible for development of youth work, and assisting congregations in running youth programmes.