Lutheran adopts the rose from Martin Luther who designed personal coat of arms, as the church's emblem as well as The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong.
The middle of this emblem is a Latin cross inside the Red Heart that symbolizes God’s great love. The red heart is the centre of five white rose petals. Luther said that the cross is to remind us that our salvation is relying on Jesus who was crucified on the cross. The red heart inside the white rose represents the confidence brought joy, peace, comfort.
The entire background color is blue indicating the heavenly color. The Golden edge represents the eternity.
Luther loved Romans. He found the truth of justification by faith from Romans. “His faith is credited as righteousness.” (Romans 4:5) and “We are not only justified by faith, we borrow our Lord Jesus Christ and with God.” (Romans 5:1)
We enjoy the joy the confidence from the born of faith today and from the heavenly eternity in the future. Luther rose is to express this information.